Meet The Team

Rachael Davies

Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Rachael lives in Berlin, studying towards her MA in Convergent Journalism. When not writing on feminism or sustainability, she can most often be found cooing over her dwarf hamster, Peeves, or more recently rediscovering her childhood love for LEGO.

Twitter: @rachdaviesetc

Instagram: @rachdaviesetc

Theodore Kitching


Theodore is a Multimedia Artist living in Berlin, Germany. He enjoys skateboarding, meditation, and learning new insights about humans and the world.

You can find more from Theodore here.

Louisa Fox


Louisa is a visual & written creator with a loud voice and a penchant for convincing herself that life’s a film. Wannabe poet. Gin fanatic.

Twitter: @foxylouisa

Instagram: @foxylouisa