Our Wave

Third Wavelength is a creative space that uses a collaboration of arts submissions to craft new questions in defining femininity in its own entity, rather than in opposition to anything else.

We seek to claim the Third Wave as part of a vibrant new forum of thought, discussion, writing, audio and art, through an ethos of challenge, curiosity, tolerance and diversity. Third Wavelength will open up “femininity” to be approached, pondered and tackled by anybody from any walk of life.

Create with us as we claim the Third Wave and look at femininity in its own right. We are looking for creators, in any medium, to help us open up discussion and untangle thought processes surrounding femininity.

What’s your wavelength?

Founded and curated by R. Davies and L.Fox.

Two friends wanted to find a space where any creators can come together around one theme. Creativity can be a force for power and change, and we wanted to prove that. In the modern world, gender is complex and a topic often fought over. We want to make a space for uncovering these conversations and exposing the answers needed in the modern day.