Killer Hits: Mikaela Davis

Early this year, I realised my monthly playlists were looking at least 70% feminine. This hasn’t changed. It only gets better. Women and people of all kinds of femininity were, sometimes literally, rocking my world. I continuously fall in love with music created by people with a touch of the feminine – even if this means something slightly different each time. Each week of the summer, we’re giving you a hit of feminine music, and the reasons why they bring a killer special something to femininity.

This week’s featured artist is… Mikaela Davis

Electric guitar set to whimsical harp chords: debut album Delivery feels like it was written on a cloud. Sometimes fluffy and ethereal, and then at others suddenly ready to strike lightening bolts.

Killer song: Get Gone

Killer vibe: I don’t know how, but this is the most laidback song about death I’ve ever heard. Ha – also, she’s her own harpist.

What do you make of Mikaela? Does someone else in the music scene represent femininity for you? Hit us up in the comments or on social. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for next week’s Killer Hit.

What’s your wavelength?

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