Killer Hits: Jade Bird

Early this year, I realised my monthly playlists were looking at least 70% feminine. This hasn’t changed. It only gets better. Women and people of all kinds of femininity were, sometimes literally, rocking my world. I continuously fall in love with music created by people with a touch of the feminine – even if this means something slightly different each time. Each week of the summer, we’re giving you a hit of feminine music, and the reasons why they bring a killer special something to femininity.

This week’s featured artist is… Jade Bird

Punchy. Raw. Heartfelt. Americana country from Sheffield-bred Jade Bird is the stuff of saloon stories and scandalous love. Proper country music themes, British modern twist.

The cherry on top is her Instagram – she’s real and funny and a bit weird, pulling faces and almost invariably wearing a boiler suit. It’s a great watch.

Jade’s debut album came out in April. It’s more of the same guitar-and-vocals driven power – and you can’t have too much of a good thing. We were lucky enough to meet Jade last year; catch our interview with her here.

Killer song: Uh Huh

Killer lyrics: Got you where it hurts, but you don’t seem to see / While she’s out at work, she’s doing what you did to me

Love Jade? Not too sure? Can’t wait to see what’s next? Tell us in the comments, or on Twitter or Instagram. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for our next Killer Hit.

Check out our interview with Jade fresh from playing live in Leeds last year, where she talks all things music and femininity in detail.

What’s your wavelength?

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