Femininity at its source

The Third Wavelength space was partly started as a way to explore different people’s associations with femininity. This photograph holds its own meaning to the photographer, Issy Vdv, as he explains below.

I associate this picture with femininity for a number of reasons. First is the setting, in a bedroom at night, just laying on a bed watching TV. It’s a very intimate setting to me and call it daddy issues but I only associate intimacy with women.

The most obvious and stereotypical source of femininity is the girl in the picture. I think her shape and pose are very traditionally feminine. Also, the way the light from the TV only allows a silhouette of her adds a subtlety to the photo which is also quite feminine, rather than being blunt or explicit which I would consider more masculine qualities.

The TV being the only source of lighting is actually one of the things I love most about this photo. TV is traditionally seen as a feminine medium and that’s often used by academics to discredit it. It’s described with traditionally feminine words like flow and fluidity. Here, the TV serves to illuminate the shot and the light flows over the curves of the girl, the wine glasses, and bottle. Whereas those words are normally used to deride TV, here they serve to add a beauty to the image that I don’t think would be possible with a different source of lighting.

The picture is therefore only possible due to a feminine medium and I find that empowering in a way. The light quite literally highlights the feminine aspects of the photo and is from a feminine source.


Have a different response to this image? If you identify as female, how does a male perspective on femininity come across to you? Should men opine on femininity? Let us know in the comments or through our social channels.

What’s your wavelength?

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